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Cyberabad Police to keep tabs on Rohingya Refugees

Hyderabad, July 31: The problem of unmonitored refugees in the limits of Hyderabad & Cyberabad is leading to some security concerns.

Under the United National Refugee convention, refugees coming from war tarn countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and from Myanmar etc., due to their government’s persecution, are issued a ‘Refugee Certificate’ valid for two years and renewable after that. This is the only protecting document for them. But most of the refugees in Hyderabad- Cyberabad, have entered illegally and are staying illegally. Over a period of time, many of them have obtained voter ID cards, Aadhaar Cards, SIM Cards and Cell Phones. But they not being monitored by security agencies and local police is leading to concerns.

COVA, an NGO is associated with UNHCR and is responsible for the refugees in Hyderabad – Cyberabad. As per COVA’s records, 1806 Myanmar refugees were registered with COVA and on physical verification, only 1725 refugees are presently staying camps in Hyderabad and Cyberabad Police Commissionerates. Only 461 Myanmar refugees were issued UNHCR cards (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and for others are under process.

In this regard, Chief of Mission, UNHCR William Tall and four in his delegation along with COVA’s Mazar Hussain and others met with CP Cyberabad C.V.Anand and his team to discuss this issue. The Commissioner requested that all refugees living in Cyberabad should be brought on record with the immediate issue of long term visas (LTVs) and UNHCR cards so that the local police and intelligence agencies can monitor them. The obstacles in this process were deliberated and the route ahead was discussed. The following action plan has been drawn up for taking up the above process.

It has been decided that till UNHCR cards are issued, the COVA will help the local police station to get the concerned Rohingyas staying in their Police Station area registered with all details of family, children, any Sim cards – cell numbers, Aadhaar Cards, Voter ID Cards, Ration Cards, Driving license, etc., The Police station sector SIs will maintain separate registers for the camps in their sectors for the above purpose.

It is learnt that these Rohingyas are moving in and out of their settlements & travelling to J&K and other states. From now on, they will have to inform the local police station, about their movement and also report to the Police station upon their return. Their source of livelihood will also be enquired into and noted along with details of any Bank accounts etc.,

In association with COVA, Sensitization and Awareness sessions will be held for the Rohingyas, the Cyberabad Police Commissioner said. (INN)


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