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Telangana State is on growth path: Governor

Hyderabad, March 7 (INN): Governor ESL Narasimha has stated that the Telangana State has made considerable progress on all fronts despite facing several challenges like inadequate staff and non-availability of senior officers.

“The GSDP growth forecast for fiscal 2014-15 is estimated at 5.3% as against the growth rate of 4.8% in 2013-14 at constant (2004-05) prices. The growth shows an encouraging trend in the new State. Despite a decline in the agricultural growth due to adverse monsoon, other allied sectors like livestock, forestry and fisheries have registered a good growth rate,” said Narasimhan while addressing the joint session of Telangana Assembly and Council here on Saturday.

The Governor said that the growth momentum in industrial (4.1%) and service sector (9.7%) has made a major contribution to the increase in the overall GSDP growth. The per capital income at current prices during 2014-15 is expected to be Rs 1,03,889/- as compared to Rs 95,361/- during 2013-14.

“My Government has laid particularly emphasis on the welfare of the SCs, STs, BCs, Minorities and the poor as well as inclusive development of all the sections of the society,” the Governor said while listing out the major steps taken in this direction. Recognition of Kaithi Lamgadas and Valmiki Boyas as STs and reconstitutin of Lambada Thandas and Adivasigudems as Gram Panchayats are in progress. Similarly, the efforts are on establish Tribal University, he said.

The Governor reiterated that the government would provide three acres of arable land to each landless poor Dalit family and will spend Rs 50,000 crore for the welfare of SCs over the next five years. The STs will be provided 12% reservation in jobs and education while Rs 4,400 crore will be spent as per ST Sub-Plan. The government will also spend Rs 25,000 for the BC welfare and Rs 1,000 crore on Minorities Welfare. He also listed claimed that deserving beneficiaries are being provided monthly pension under “Aasara” scheme. He also mentioned about the implementation of Kalyana Lakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak scheme which provides Rs 51,000 grant to poor girls at the time of their marriage.

Narasimhan also listed out steps which are being taken to implement the housing schemes, improve the education standards, employee friendly measures, welfare of journalists, lawyers and women. “In order to make Hyderabad a safe city and an attractive investment destination, law and order has been given top priority by my government. There would be constant alertness with a network of CC cameras and other advanced gadgets covering the entire urban agglomeration,” he said.

“My government is taking up number of initiatives to transform Hyderabad Metropolis into a global hub. Considering the strategic location of Hyderabad in our federation, its potential to become a global destination will soon be realised,” the Governor said.

The Governor also claimed that the State Government was committed to overcome the shortage of power in the State and provide quality and realiable power to all categories of consumers. “Necessary steps have been taken to bridge the deficit by way of short-term, medium-term and long-term procurements, new capacity additions, purchase of power from neighbouring states and from central pool. It is proposed to add 6,000 MW over the next three years to make the State self-sufficient,” he said.


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